Catalina Island Triathlon Scandal

October 5th, 2011

Do race directors care about athletes?  If I have a complaint about there race or want my money back because of injury or illness, are they listening?  Well the answer is some do and some don””t.   You take your poison based on how much you want to do the event next year. 

On Catalina Island, after 16 years in charge of the Catalina Island Triathlon, the plug was pulled on Pacific Sports llc””s  and the reigns handed over to arch rival Spectrum Sports.   Should we care?   As racers, should we support a provider who””s race we have enjoyed for years or just like the new guy as long as its the same race?   My radio show asks these questions but really, The Catalina Island Triathlon Affair is simply a good story, full of the type of intrigue that has kept the district attorney””s of Chicago and Bell County busy for years. 

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